Big Water Society, located in Atlin, BC, was founded in 1996 to help provide funding for counselling services in this community.

The Society name is taken from the Tlingit  Tlèn, meaning “Big Water”, from which the name “Atlin” comes.

Big Water Society believes community involvement and dependable community services build healthier families and healthier lives. As a non-profit charity with a volunteer Board, we fulfill our mandate of “community wellness and healthy youth activities" in three significant ways:

  • We provide free counselling services for anyone in the community in order to assist in increasing individual and family health and promote community cohesion.
  • We built and maintain a welcoming and safe gathering centre for teens and provide supervised youth activities that are stimulating, fun and that also build life skills.

Atlin Teen Centre The Big Water Society office has now relocated to the Atlin Teen Centre, at 142 4th Street, Atlin. The Atlin Community Counsellor, who provides services to anyone in the Atlin area, maintains an office in the Taku River Tlingit Social & Health Building.

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